Godly Courtship Before Marriage (Hebrew 13:4)

In this post today, we shall be considering what the Holy Bible says about Godly Courtship Before Marriage (Hebrew 13:4) – The benefits. The dangers of neglecting God’s counsel.

Courtship/Dating are synonyms;

Godly Courtship Before Marriage (Hebrew 13:4) – A courtship relationship is a romantic endeavor but free from any form of sexual intercourse. When a man does his best to impress a lady and her family, mostly by his provisions and acts of service. A woman who is courted is someone who is sizing up her mate, so-to-speak, to see how life would be like as his wife and mother of his children.

Will she want to stay at home and raise children? Will she want a two-income household? Will he be able to provide a comfortable lifestyle for her and their children?

It is a period bonding after bachelor and spinster had serious sought God (their makers face) in prayers. This is not always advised to be for a too long period of time. The best and longest period for this Godly act should be six months. This is the time they both parties get to know some necessary things about one another.

As no one is perfect and yet must pursue perfection as the Holy Bible commanded. The both parties must be willing in this state to embrace one another. Especially and as long as God is the One leading them. And you can be rest assured that God has good and thoughts for you and so, you must trust Him that love will surely be present. To accept his/her imperfections; hoping to work on one another with time. With great understanding.

What is best about courtship period?

  • You can be open about yourself in courtship .
  • Courtship let people to move forward in their relationship making it secure and healthy .
  • Sex is not for courtship . Well it’s a gift and is meant for emotional and spiritual bonding as well as pleasure , intimacy , enjoyment ( with spouses ) and love. But notfor the period of courtship for that is fornication and no fornicator will inherit the Kingdom of God (1Cor. 6:9)
  • Courtship help in determining if you should get married to this person or not . It’s totally fine if don’t get married . But only enter courtship when you are ready to marry . If you are in courtship and don’t feel to get married just back off or delay courtship .
  • And Courtship brings the best out of you and your partner. After all you’re entering a life changing decision marriage .


Godly Courtship Before Marriage (Hebrew 13:4) – Encourage Marriage to discourages immorality, and this is in more ways than just sexual immorality. Marriage is an amazing spiritual exercise. It seems to be one of the main tools that God gives us to work on our souls. For a marriage to be good, both partners must work both on the marriage and on themselves—work on killing their egos, on reigning in their selfishness, on treating each other in the best possible manner. And that spouses must learn to share deeply, with more that just a physical intimacy for it tells us that: “They are the keepers of your secrets, and you are the keepers of their secrets….”

What You Must Know Before Marriage

Yes, you can work on those traits in your relationships with other people. However, in a marriage you cannot just walk away, as you can in most situations. Marriage is a solemn pledge and that the virtuous keep their pledges.

Marriage is not a light matter is demonstrated by the seriousness with which God deals with adultery. Divorce is not allowed at all for God hates putting away. Thus, He gives every opportunity for the marriage to heal when divorce is threatened.

Marriage is a gift to us—a physical, emotional, and spiritual provision from the One who is our only real Provider. And it is a proof, a proof of His mercy, wisdom and graciousness. And finally, marriage is a freeing institution, for all who are enslaved by their own sin. As it aids us in growing our souls to come closer and closer to God it frees us from the bondage of our original sin of doubting God’s absolute power and authority. That is the greatest freedom there is!

Godly Courtship Before Marriage (Hebrew 13:4)

Godly Courtship Before Marriage (Hebrew 13:4)

The author of the epistle to the Hebrews opens the chapter with the command to continue loving one another as (christian) brothers and sisters. What the author is exhorting the churches to do, is to collectively work out their salvation and bear testimony in practical ways such as showing hospitality to strangers.

A reason for this is that there were times in the old Testament in which people have welcomed strangers who turned out to be angels, both a reference to Abraham and Lot in Genesis. We as followers of Jesus should also remember those who are in difficult situations as if we were in their shoes, since we could easily be subject to what they’re going through. He then goes onto the subject of marriage which should be honored by everyone.

A husband and wife should stay loyal to one another and sex should be within the marriage relationship (of course a person might be having sex outside the marriage relationship in their pre-saved state _ which is very sinful and abhorred by God_ before becoming saved, but as a follower of Jesus they should keep sex within a marital relationship).

This verse speaks of the nobility of marriage and the sanctity of sexual relations within the marriage bond. It is reminding believers of the fact that sexual relations is only honourable between a man and a woman who are married and duly recognized by all believers in their congregation as husband and wife. It also warns that God will deal severely with those who defile their marriage. Adultery and sexual abuses, for example, defile people’s marriage.

Benefit of Godly Marriage

Heb 13:4  Marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge. I believe that this verse says it all, God honours every marriage relationship that first honoured His Supreme command. And as The One Mightier than all, anyone that endeadors to honor Him in this honourable cause, surely the blessings will be great.

1. He will lead to the right one in the first place

2. He will hedge the union against divorce

3. It will flourish with Godly children and not vagabonds

4. God will be there to provide peace, understanding and love needed to make the marriage to thrive.


Danger of neglect

The danger of neglecting God’s Divine counsel has from the beginning of the world been a great trouble. Don’t try to make the great mistake of disobeying God (the Creator and judge of the whole world) especially in this regard. Marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge.