How to Delete Twitter Permanently

It is more like a personal choice that how you want to keep the dynamics of your life. Using Social Media is just like getting drunk. It’s a simple choice. Because after the limit you can’t control yourself. Nevertheless, in this very post, we shall be giving you guidelines on How to Delete Twitter Permanently.

Again, we shall first of all be answering likely questions that could be leading you to this end. Also we will be exposing the implications of what you want to do i.e Delete Twitter Account – So, you don’t say I never knew later.

So, follow us as we take on the journey. The assurance is that it will end well.


Twitter is a very essential market component in the field of social media. It can be useful, informative, and uplifting at times. But it if you want to delete Twitter account permanently because of some reason then it’s ok.

What that happens after deleting a Twitter account

The good news is that it’s very simple to shut your account down. What’s more, the site offers a grace period for reactivating your profile. So if you have a change of heart within 30 days, you can restore your account.

When you deactivate your Twitter account, Twitter will retain all of your user data for a 30-day period. Once that’s over, Twitter starts purging your data from its systems when that’s done, your Twitter account will be gone forever. However, if you log into your account before the 30-day grace period is over, you’ll automatically reactivate your account. To delete it permanently, you’ll need to start the process all over again.

It’s important to note that if you just want to change your username or e-mail address, you don’t need to delete your account. You can make these changes very easily in your account settings.

Twitter also points out that although account deactivation happens almost immediately, some content from your account may still be viewable on the website for a few days.

If you want the option to create a new account with the same username or email address before the 30-day grace period is up, you’ll need to switch out the email address linked to your existing Twitter account before you delete it.

Otherwise, you’ll have to wait for the deactivation period to end.

How to delete Twitter Account Permanently on PC

1. Visit: on your Laptop or Desktop

2. Sign into your account on the Twitter website

How to delete Twitter account permanently on PC
How to delete Twitter account permanently on PC

3. Click on Settings and Privacy from the drop-down menu under your profile icon

How to delete Twitter account permanently on PC
How to delete Twitter account permanently on PC

4. In the Account section of the menu, click Deactivate your account

How to delete Twitter account permanently on PC
How to delete Twitter account permanently on PC
How to delete Twitter account permanently on PC
How to delete Twitter account permanently on PC

5. Enter your password when prompted and click Deactivate account

How to delete Twitter on Android

Here’s how to delete Twitter account permanently on Android;

1. Tap on the app in your app list to open the it and begin

2. Click on your profile icon

3. Enter the Settings and privacy menu and tap Account

4. Hit the Deactivate your account option

5. Tap Deactivate

6. Enter your password when prompted and tap Deactivate

7. Tap Yes, deactivate

How to delete Account on iOS

Here’s how to delete Twitter Permanently on iOS;

1. Tap your profile icon at the top of the screen

2. Select Settings and privacy and tap Account

3. Hit Deactivate your account

4. Tap Deactivate and enter your password when prompted

5. Tap Deactivate and follow this up by tapping Yes, deactivate

How do I unlock my T account?

Do you mean by changing it to public from private?

  1. Go to your settings
  2. Tap on privacy
  3. Go and turn off or on, “protect my tweets.”
  • The header.
  • The profile picture.
  • The handle (@blablabla).
  • The name.
  • The bio.
  • When the person joined Twitter.
  • The tweets, followers, following, likes/favourites counts (you can’t open these, though).
  • This is what’s going to always be visible in a private Twitter account you’re not following. Sometimes you may be able to see the person’s birthday if they’ve allowed it to be shown publicly.

How to distinguish fake accounts from real ones on Twitter

I believe you are referring to people running bot accounts. You just really have to determine for yourself. Some things to take into account.

  • The age of the account. If it’s an older account that’s usually a good sign but you should check out some other clues as well.
  • Following to follower ratio. If the account is following a ton of other people and only has a few followers that’s not a good sign but it’s just one clue among many you should look for as I said.
  • How frequently do they tweet? Do they tweet at exact intervals every day or throughout the day? If you notice they have a specific almost exact time they always post that’s an additional clue.
  • Do they interact with people? If they do interact with people are there a lot of canned or very similar responses?
  • Do their posts seem genuine, like something a real person would care about? If they are posting clickbait articles that you see a dozen other accounts posting with the same wording that’s a bad sign as well.
  • Does there username look real? Does their username make sense or is it just some random selection of letters an numbers?

These are a few of the ways you can try and determine if you are dealing with a real person or entity on Twitter. +MORE…

What is the best way to promote your T account?

Here are the most useful tricks I used and tested;

  • Make up your mind about the platform/s to market your business. So, you need to decide which platform is for your business and which is the personal one.
  • List the topic/s you would like to tweet about and get 2 or 3 popular hashtags for each. These hashtags need to be used every time you tweet as they help your content to be seen by more people. To decide on the hashtags, check them out first and see how many tweets do you have for each one.
  • Try to connect with people who write in these hashtags/topics. Follow accounts about your preferred topics and be active. Reply to others, share links with them, and support them with a retweet.
  • Yet, don’t be the retweet type of user. The retweet will not make your name/picture visible enough in the timeline. Try to go further and add your comments to the tweets. Adding a comment will make you more visible and noticed. For example, when I read an article on Twitter, I retweet it and add a comment saying my opinion about it.
  • Set several times for your tweeting, for example, four times a day about one or more topics. Remember that people check Twitter several times and tweeting once will make you less noticed. You can also check the most active times on Twitter and time your tweets accordingly.
  • Using pictures is a good trick to make your tweets stand out in the timeline. By using them you can tag others (who are probably interested in the subject matter) in these pictures. For example, tag learning languages account when you share a resource about the subject.
  • Check what other influencers in your field/s are tweeting about and what are the trending topics/questions. Ask yourself what can I bring to that conversation? It is important to be aware of the fuss around you and to present a valuable resource/answer or even an opinion.


  • The poll feature is great as you can use it when you have created more impressions on Twitter and gained more followers. You can communicate with your followers and ask them what they want you to share or why they are following you.
  • Use the pin feature to make your best tweet of the week/month at the top. This tweet will be seen or read for every profile click you will receive. This pinned tweet could also be a picture with the services you provide and a link to your website or an email address. I shared an article I translated, and it hardly been noticed. But since I have pinned that tweet, I received 2 replies, 10 retweets, 66 likes, and two people sent me a direct message about that article.